Church Break-in

After a successful “Hallelujah Gumbo” dinner and festival, in the early morning hours of October 23rd the church was broken into by unknown persons. They took groceries, kitchen supplies and equipment, and a few miscellaneous electronics. They had our speakers and sound equipment all boxed up and staged at the door, ready to haul away:


However, at that point something or someone must have scared them away, as they took off from our property leaving the door open and our sound equipment still stacked up by the exit! And that’s how we found things when we arrived for worship this morning.

As we noted in our service today, it seems that when God is truly moving Satan can always be trusted to attack. We thank our God for defending us and seeing that this matter was no more serious than it was. Please join us in praying for the perpetrators and asking God to grant them discipline, justice, and the opportunity for repentance and salvation.